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We always appreciate hearing good things from our home cooks. We also like getting your feedback and comments that will help improve our products and services to you, our most valued asset. Here’s what some of our valued customers have written to us.

Thank you very much for combining shipping for me. Your products are great,and I cannot wait to try the new reductions."-Best,

Barbara P.

Thank you for your quick and professional service. I will be using this sauce for a dinner party on Saturday. The delivery was so quick that I have items from Newcastle that take longer, amazing, considering your 3000 miles away."-All the best

Alan H.

Thanks for your prompt response. I love your products and am a loyal customer.

David W.

I got my stocks along with....free gifts, thanks in total to your great generosity. The Apple Cranberry Chutney arrived just in time for Thanksgiving and the jar opener will be useful year ‘round. A continuing testament to your superb marketing and munificent gestures. Thanks for a marvelous product. Keep up the good work.


It is always a pleasure dealing with Club Sauce."

Bob K.

You were terrific on air and I received a number of additional emails asking for the name of your website after the segment...looking forward to having you on again...I made a sauce this weekend that tasted great but looked terrible! I need to download the E cookbooks… Thanks,

KLIF RADIO - Jeff Bolton

...thanks for a great product that enhances my craft! Thanks!


Dear Mr. Silver & Friends, THANK YOU for the beautiful, very well packaged, 3 QT.CAPHALON SAUCE/CHEFS' PAN. I can't
wait to begin using the wonderful Demi-Glaces & Stocks. KUDOS to all of you for your kindness and attention to detail; work ethic !!! (P.S. Have a lovely VALENTINES DAY!! )

Dr. John

I made the Lobster Bisque for the family at Christmas. Not a drop was left. Yum!

Kathleen Callahan, Gig Harbor, WA

You guys are fast! 6 minutes from order receipt to ship notification…"


And I thank you, Jules... always a pleasure to use your sauces when we entertain our guests with fine food.Take care.


I was really impressed with my first order a couple of months ago, although I really try to make all my own stocks it just takes too much time in my busy schedule.

Bill D.

Thanks!! Really nice to get that quick of a response!!! I appreciate that!!! Thanks again...


THANK YOU very much for your reply, Mr. Silver. Your comments and conclusions are "SPOT ON", as said in the UK....Kudos to you also for your gastronomic accumen and keen insight in seeking your genuine passion and your high degree of detail and work ethic is truly admirable!!! Keep up the fine work..

Dr. John

Hi, I tried your fish stock for the first time tonight, added a good amount of fresh shrimp shells and let 'em cook... the stock thickened nicely … it made the most excellent risotto ...amazing flavor. I've never made (or tasted) such a good risotto! Amazing. Thanks much,

Mark, Minneapolis, MN

Dear Jules, Great newsletter format. Everything is easy to get to & products are listed with detailed descriptions; including recipe links. I receive many newsletters from various companys. And, your is truly the best. Thank you,

Wanda B.

I can't believe that I almost forgot to order the sauces for the holidays! They are exquisite and I received many compliments everytime I used them. Thanks for providing a quality product to discriminating cooks.

Irene B., New York

I truly love the products and I think your customer service is superb… I am honored to support your business with a big smile.Thanks for your extra touches and excellent customer service."

Lisa L.

I just wanted to thank you for your very informative site. It is very easy to navigate through, and the prices seemto be on par if not better than other sites.Thanks

Mark Tyndall

I used your Brown Stock last night. I Pan seared a couple of Steaks … made a Pan Sauce....it was great. I'll be using your Turkey Stock for Thanksgiving. Not only does your product have great natural flavors it's a time saver as well. Thanks for a great product!

Daniel M. Well

Thanks for the email. I can't wait until my order arrives ...my filets are crying for their demi glace! thanks!"


Thanks for your quick response.....I will definitely let my friends know how pleased I am with your products and especially your service. Thank you!

Susan S., Jamaica Plain, MA

Thanks Jules! Your service is always excellent!"


I received me order at precisely the moment it was needed. Added it to braised short ribs, and my husband cried, "OMG!" Thanks,


I sincerely appreciate your prompt and generous resolution of this matter, more of your products in the future, as I am a firm believer in doing repeat business with merchants that provide good customer service, good products, and good values.

Keith D Wow

Hi Jules, Thank you. Your good customer service is much appreciated."-Regards,


Good day Jules, Received the order along with your note. Thanks for your help.-Regards,


Good to hear from you again! I have so loved using your demi-glace and other goodies that I bless you and your website on a regular basis! My picatta is truly a plate licker now, thanks to your demi-glace.


...I love your products! Merry Christmas!

Barbara P.

You are the best! Thank you, for getting back to me so quickly. I appreciate it very much. Sincerely,