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Welcome to your personal cooking lessons, designed for everyone from the complete novice in the kitchen to seasoned professionals looking to brush up on their skills. Wouldn't you love a professional cooking instructor showing you step-by-step how to make everything from an omelet to a veloute sauce? Well, you have found your instructors here and they are available 24 hours a day!

Rouxbe Cooking School


Rouxbe.com, the goal is to help you become a better and more confident cook by teaching you basic to advanced cooking skills and techniques. The freedom you will gain from this knowledge will build your confidence in the kitchen and will allow you the freedom from simply following a recipe. You will be able to let your culinary creative juices flow!


Some online cooking schools will focus solely on recipes or used noted celebrity chefs. At Rouxbe.com, they believe that learning the techniques -- video lessons, practice recipes, culinary chef exercises, cooking quizzes and more -- will guide you the same way professional chefs learn. The Rouxbe Cooking School actually follows an actual culinary curriculum!

Do you own favorite cookbooks, watch television food programs or have other food preparation sources that you enjoy? Well, Rouxbe Cooking School is designed to complement -- not replace -- these resources. Consider the comprehensive videos at www.Rouxbe.com to be one more culinary tool to enhance your kitchen experience.