Truffle Shop

TrufflesWhen I think of truffles or any food having to do with truffles I think of ancient flavors from the forest.

Truffles have a deep, mysterious and an almost inexplicable aroma all to themselves. Think of musty, garlicky, nutty flavors that can overwhelm the senses.

At Club Sauce we’ve selected the finest artisinal producers and packagers of truffles in Italy, France and the United States. And now you can enjoy these luxurious treats that have been used as an aphrodisiac as well as a prized gift for thousands of years. Read more about truffles here.

Explore our shop of truffle oils, truffle salts, truffle butters and truffle honey. They’re extraordinary we promise you and at prices that won’t break the bank.

You’ll find our truffle products are selected at the peak of their freshness. The process used by these artisan companies help preserve the natural flavor and aroma over a longer period of time than fresh truffles. Read more about buying and using truffles here.

These little gems are delicious with egg dishes, fondue, risotto, ravioli, crostini, sauces for meats, veal, game, turkey breasts, pasta, and rice dishes. A taste beyond compare.

Visit the Club Sauce Recipe Section for recipes and more ideas on how to use this fabulous truffles and many of our other fine products at the Club Sauce Shop.